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A Functional Vision Exam is typically longer then a routine eye exam, and although ocular health and visual acuity are an important part of the exam, additional extensive testing into how the eyes work together and how the brain processes visual information are also done. For a more thorough description please see our “What is Vision Therapy” page!

 Yup! We do still offer comprehensive routine eye exams, emergency eye care and contact lens assessments as well. 

You can fax (236) 425-4496) or email us ( the patient’s contact information and the relevant information regarding their particular diagnosis or concern. We can then contact the patient to get everything set up!

Nope! If you feel you or your child could benefit, a referral is not necessary. However, we may request information from other professionals you have seen to help us better understand the issues at hand. 

Absolutely! Although the initial evaluation, the progress checks and the follow-up appointments need to be done in-person, therapy sessions can be done remotely online. However, it is the initial evaluation that will help us determine if this is the right option for you or your child. 

The safety of our patients and staff is our priority. Our policies to help keep everyone safe include: mandatory masks, staying home when sick, maintaining social distancing whenever possible, reducing care takers and additional personnel who accompany the patient, and frequent hand washing and cleaning. Please do not come to your appointment if you are experiencing any signs of illness or if you have travelled internationally within the last two weeks.