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The first and only centre in Kamloops dedicated to providing Optometric Vision Therapy and Rehabilitation to improve the lives of those in Kamloops, THE THOMPSON VALLEY AND THE WHOLE OF THE B.C. INTERIOR. 

Concussions /Brain Injury

Brain coloed sections

A lot of people have suffered a concussion, and for many of those people the symptoms do not go away on their own. Many of these lasting symptoms are visual in nature, and stand in the way of recovery and a return to your normal life. If you have suffered a concussion or brain injury from a fall or an accident and are struggling to return to your normal life because of symptoms that include headaches, dizziness, or trouble focusing, we can help. 

Learning Difficulties

Kid is learning in class

Learning, (and learning to read in particular), can be a real struggle for many people, kids and adults alike. Binocular visual issues and poor visual perception skills, can often be misdiagnosed as learning disabilities, and carried on into adulthood. If your child is struggling to complete homework or perform well at school, (despite good effort and hard work), we can find out if poor visual skills are contributing and offer solutions to help. 

Binocular Dysfunctions

Process of diagnosing eye dysfunctions by female oculist with special equipment

Today’s modern lifestyle comes with an abundance of sitting and looking at screens. That much time spent viewing things up close really takes its toll, and complaints of sore eyes and blurry vision when reading or using computers are on the rise. If you struggle to read, or use the computer, without losing concentration, getting headaches or fighting to keep things clear, we have options to help you stay comfortable and be more efficient.

Strabismus and Amblyopia

We have all heard the term “lazy eye” and for those who struggle with mis-aligned eyes (strabismus), or an eye that has never quite seen as well as the other (amblyopia), traditional management often includes surgery and hours spent patching the “good” eye. Whether you have already tried some of the traditional ways of doing things, (or are hoping to avoid them), we have creative and non-invasive alternatives to help improve outcomes for those with strabismus, amblyopia or both.

Sometimes the eyes can see 20/20, but they have trouble working together, or the brain is having trouble interpreting the messages it is receiving from the eyes. Either way, these problems can interfere with day-to-day activities and lead to symptoms including headaches, lack of concentration, and eyestrain. Vision therapy (VT) provides the opportunity to learn new visual skills to promote comfortable and efficient vision.

The friendly and professional staff at Kamloops Vision Therapy provided an extensive evaluation. This was followed by weekly sessions and evaluations that had us see improvements that we could not have accomplished on our own. This program does not happen though without commitment at home by both the guardians and patient. The reward for the time and effort was well worth the sacrifices. Our son is now able to track words on pages and his reading has taken off.

Ryland’s Parents

Dr. Sitler is one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet!  She genuinely cares about her patients and enjoys celebrating successes and milestones.  She is a caring professional who is extremely knowledgeable in her field.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her for children and adults alike!  I can’t say enough about what she has done for me, both in my professional career and personal life.  I feel like I have my life back and am able to do lots of things I couldn’t do for about the first two years of my accident.  Through the weekly homework I was able to improve my quality of life and am so grateful and thankful I was able to have her on my care team.


… kind and caring staff, personable client centred approach.  The ability to engage and keep the focus a 7-year old boy was amazing.  Staff responded to inquiries quickly and efficiently.  Dr. Sitler’s knowledge, guidance, care and concern were amazing, she really cares about her clients and the outcomes with their vision.  The openness and honesty about progress and what the next steps are.  Appreciated the tips and advice in using vision therapy while doing everyday activities.

Johnathan’s Mom

I can accomplish so much more in a day. Far less mental fog. I am riding a bike three times a week, with rides ever increasing in lengths! I now have a number of tips, tricks, and tools to use to control and/or reduce my symptoms & remain more active throughout my day.


Dr. Sitler and her staff are very kind, compassionate, and caring. Dr. Sitler is a very important part of my journey to achieving the recovery that we have been able to achieve. She truly cares about the people who are fortunate to have her help and guidance. Dr. Sitler has given me my life back. I truly mean this. When I first went to see Dr. Sitler my feeling of self worth was very low. I can not thank Dr. Sitler enough


I have gotten better at sports, school and life. I am not stumbling or tripping over the ball (during soccer). My field of vision has gotten bigger. It helps me see people around me when I’m playing sports.


I was constantly falling down & breaking bones, and getting angry & frustrated in overwhelming situations. I have felt very strong changes in many areas, but most dramatically not falling down, stumbling and/or smashing into objects and breaking bones! My balance has greatly improved! Others have noticed I am less angry, more able to focus, and be aware… I am very thankful to Dr. Sitler, her staff and her program. She worked with me and on my needs. Challenging, teaching, and encouraging me.


I loved the hands-on individual program that was designed to help me as a nurse working nightshifts when eye fatigue was at its worst. The team utilized their training around my job specific tasks. I still use the exercises and techniques from vision therapy to help when my eyes are tired or strained. For me the combination of vision therapy and surgery have improved my quality of life.


Our optometric clinic has a special focus in providing Optometric Vision Therapy. We are located in the B.C Interior in the city of Kamloops, located in the beautiful Thompson Valley Region. We can’t wait to meet you and your family!

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